With this giant storm heading straight for us, I might have a lot of time to bead. Unless of course we lose electricity. We have prepared as much as we can and should be fine.
My next project will be an anemone bracelet in shades of purple using a magnetic clasp. If it looks like I have enough 6/0 beads left, I will do another triple spiral.




This is the next item that will be taken apart. Pattern from a beading magazine. It is supposed to look like a gathered ruffle around the wrist.

It doesn't. Also wasn't thrilled with colors I had chosen. Too blingy or something.

On the plus side, this was the first time I had done RAW and discovered that I do like the fabric-like effect.


Other things

I also plan on trying some new techniques:
1. Double and Triple Spiral Ropes
2. Kumihimo
3. Peanut beads (I guess that’s not really a technique) – I bought these a while back to make cuff I saw in a magazine. Let’s just say the end result was not good. So I have these beads but I have not figured out what to with them yet.

The first time I had some of my jewelery in a craft show, the major issue people had with the necklaces was that they were too short. I use my own neck to check the length of a necklace and I had the tendency to make a lot of necklaces that circled the neck pretty closely. A lot of the items in box of orphan projects are items that need to be lengthened. Some of them don’t even fit me anymore (did my neck get fatter?). Unfortunately, the only way to make them longer is to start over.


After beading hardcore for about five or so years I suddenly stopped about 6 months ago. Some of it was due to life events and some of was burnout. About a month ago I started up again.

I have a few goals and I am going to use this blog to track my progress.
1. Use my stash. I have an embarrassing amount of beads and I cannot justify purchasing anymore until I use what I have.

Exceptions: I will be purchasing some of the new fun shaped beads like the spike beads because I have some ideas for those. I will also need to buy findings since I don’t have a lot of those.

2. Deal with this:

This a pile of finished stuff that either needs to be tweaked a bit to be really finished or completely torn apart and redone to fix some issues or just torn apart and never thought about again.

3. Finish the handful of half done projects laying around.

4. Organize my stash. I know there is stuff tucked away in various places that I don’t even know I have.