Bead embroidery


This is a piece I started about a year and a half ago. The goal was to make a bead embroidered collar that was not symmetrical. I have done bead embroidery before but nothing this large. It is very tedious which is why it has taken me so long. I can work on it for awhile then I have to set it aside and do something else.

I am in the homestretch and I am determined to finish it! I still haven't decided what to do about a clasp because it is quite heavy.




This is a bracelet I initially made more than a year ago but wasn't happy with the clasp. I finally pulled it back out and after at least four attempts finally got it right. It has a brick stitch base with loops of dark silver bugle beads and matte silver lined rose seed beads. As usual, what I struggled with was the length. The brick stitch base stretches out so it would end up much longer than it seemed to be one I established the base row. The strategy that worked was to make the base much shorter than needed and rows to the end if needed. More importantly, I added the button and loop clasp before I added the loops.